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123.312 Advanced Organic Chemistry: Retrosynthesis. Tutorial. Question 1. Propose a retrosynthetic analysis of the following two compounds. Your answer should include both the synthons, showing your thinking, and the reagents that would be employed in the actual synthesis. Compound A. O. Answer: O. FGI.
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Advanced Retrosynthesis. General overview. 1. Introduction: summary on disconnections and normal carbonyl reactivity. Definition of disconnection, FGI (functional group interconversion), synthon and reagent, synthetic strategies and tactics. Examples of one-group and two-group disconnections. Revision of normal
Strategies in Synthetic Planning. Modern Stylistic Points in Retrosynthetic Analysis. Jen Alleva. MacMillan Group Meeting. January 8th 2014. Thursday, January 9, 14
SYNTHETIC DESIGN. 1. Retrosynthetic Analysis. 2. Reversal of the Carbonyl Group Polarity (Umpolung). 3. Steps in Planning a Synthesis. 4. Choice of Synthetic Method. 5. Domino Reactions. 6. Computer-Assisted Retrosynthetic Analysis
Contents. • Fundamental stereochemical concepts. • Synthetic strategy and principles for stereoselective, in particular enantioselective, chemical transformations. • Transition metal catalysis. • Applications of frontier orbital theory. • Retrosynthetic analysis. • Advanced organic synthesis
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UCI Chem 125 Advanced Organic Chemistry (Spring 2016) Lec 22. Retrosynthetic Analysis. Diels-Alder ...
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